Zines and other cool printables

i didn't write any of these i just made the covers / did some formatting, please enjoy. sorry its unorganized at the moment ill fix it

longer works

DBT Skills workbooks

DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) was first created by Marsha Linehan as treatment for borderline personality disorder, but it's since proven useful for many people dealing with anxiety, depression, and other issues. A guiding principle for Marsha Linehan has been helping people build lives worth living, and this workbook is aimed at teaching you the skills to make your life more worth living. Read the words and, very importantly, do the exercises. Practice. Even if you only work at it for a few minutes a day, or just one exercise per day, try to make consistent progress at practicing. Good luck, I believe in you, and I love you.

here are zines i often print or think are good. these are mostly shorter.

some good places to get zines: sprout distro, crimethinc, indigenous action, warzone distro, https://thehoilsdilemma.weebly.com/zines.html, the anarchist library (but these dont have nice covers :( )

i'll eventually add links to read them all online -- in the mean time most of them you can google to find versions easy to read on your phone/computer/etc.

police/prison/protest related: other stuff

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